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We have been recycling rubber for nearly 15 years, and have developed and modified machinery to make ourselves one of the longest running rubber recyclers in the UK.

We also pride ourselves on our quality and some of our products have been sent as far as America and Dubai




Your requirements


If you have any questions, either about our infeed materials, to see if we can recycle your products or if we are able to make a product suitable for your application, please contact us.


Infeed Materials

We take in a wide variety of rubber products, mainly tyres but also door rubbers, windscreen wipers, hot water bottles, conveyor belts and many more, call us with your requirements.


Finished Products

We currently make a wide variety of products which our customers use for different applications. Some uses include:

Equestrian surfaces, with different products for gallops, arenas or schools.

Aggregate replacement, used as foundation for building works or as a drainage medium.

Carpet underlay, providing high sound and heat efficiency.

Please see our products page for more examples

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