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We have been recycling rubber for many years now, but it all started very differently. We are a family run business with a background in engineering, mainly motorsport. Having built and prepared many different cars used for racing, rallying, hillclimbs and rallycross. We are still building cars now, just not as many.


The recycling factory came about from early trials in pyrolysis where it was more efficient to granulate the rubber first. The pyrolysis has not yet been developed, though we are continuing trials and looking for new technology, but markets were found for the granulated rubber.


Initially we were supplying safety surfaces to be laid at kids playgrounds or running tracks but as new markets have developed we have expanded our product range.


Now we have a wide variety of machinery enabling us to process many different products to the customers requirements. We are also able to advise and supply on suitable machinery for in-house recycling.


Alongside the motorsport and recycling we also have a property company where we can source land, acquire the relevant planning permission and even find investors.

We have worked on a variety of projects, from 1acre of industrial land converted for recycling use to 150acres converted to mixed residential, commercial and industrial use.


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